We offer a colorful palette of audio tools at your disposal. Our desire is to always work closely with you and deliver an audio package that will lift the product to the next level.

Music composition.


Audio post production.

About Us

Meet our key chefs who work in the Waveformbakery kitchen.

Petri Hoskonen

Petri Hoskonen / Mixing Engineer / Audio Post Production

Petri has long experience and insight from all areas of audio, whether it's synthesis or mixing a record. A creative nut who thinks there's always room for new toys.

Riku Kivilinna

Riku Kivilinna / Composer / Mixing Engineer

Riku has over ten years of experience in music composition. If he's not composing a cue, you can find him practicing Tai Chi or writing a movie script at a local coffee shop.

Niko Nikkonen

Niko Nikkonen / Part Time Freelancer

Gear nut.

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